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The Importance of Art in Hospitality Design

Art has always been an essential element of interior design, and hospitality is no exception. Incorporating art into hospitality design adds personality to spaces and engages guests in a unique and stimulating atmosphere. Art in hotel lobbies, restaurants, guestrooms, and public spaces can help create a memorable experience for guests and reinforce the brand identity of the hotel.

Using Art to Create a Narrative

Effective hospitality design has a story to tell, and art is a powerful tool to help tell that story. Piece of art can communicate a hotel’s history, philosophy, and values without the need for words. A luxury hotel, for example, may choose to use original paintings or sculptures to promote cultural heritage and establish a sense of exclusivity.

Incorporating Art Into Hospitality Design 2

The Benefits of Commissioned Art

Commissioning art from local artists can enhance the guest experience by encouraging a connection with the community. It also offers exciting opportunities for artists to showcase their work while anchoring a hotel to its surrounding neighbourhood. Commissioned pieces can be created to suit a specific space, such as murals, sculptures, and installations. This unique art can reflect the hotel’s culture and offer a one-of-a-kind experience for guests.

Art as a Focal Point in the Guestroom

Guestrooms can offer a more intimate and personal feel, and artwork plays a key role in creating a comfortable ambiance and making it unique. While some hotels display one large, statement piece, others curate a collection of smaller works with a common theme. Artwork also acts as a conversation starter, a way of creating admiration amongst guests. Including sculptures, desk ornaments and paintings with optical illusions for instance make a room feel more playful and as a guest feel like they can get lost in the details.

Integrating Technology and Art

Incorporating technology into art pieces such as interactive digital installations or projection mapping can give hotels a unique perspective and create an experience that merges art with technology. The use TVs for Bed Mirrors can give a guest space conscious technology while creating a focal point for the room. However, technology should not detract from the art but rather enhance it. Proper application is key to creating a seamless experience for guests so that they can truly be immersed into the art experience. Immerse yourself in the topic and uncover new insights using this handpicked external material for you. art consultant!


Using art as a tool to promote hotel brand, its history, its personality and showcase its values should be at the forefront of hospitality design. By commissioning local artists to create art, whether through murals, sculptures or installations, a hotel can create a unique representation of itself while also remaining involved with the local artists and community. This, in turn, creates a comprehensive, immersive and memorable guest experience.

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